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Pocket for Android Wear lets you save content to read later

Pocket has shown a sneak peak of its article-sharing service that’s set to be among the first batch of third-party apps for Android Wear.

Obama’s Europe Ties Get New Test With Russia Dispute

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama’s complex relationship with Europe faces new challenges during a weeklong trip as he tries to persuade allied leaders to hold firm in efforts to punish Russia for its incursion into Ukraine.

The deepening dispute between East and West is expected to dominate his visit to Europe, which begins Monday in the Netherlands. The four-country trip was long-planned, but now provides the U.S. and Europe a well-timed chance to present a united front against Russian President Vladimir Putin. But behind the scenes, Obama will be gauging how far the still economically shaky European Union is willing to go in punishing Russia, one of its largest trading partners. He’ll also be confronted with other European frustrations with the U.S. that are bubbling just below the surface.

Some European officials, chief among them German Chancellor Angela Merkel, are still smarting over revelations of National Security Agency spying on the continent. There’s also lingering resentment among EU leaders over what it sees as Obama’s snubbing of the alliance.

“There’s an anger there, there’s a frustration there,” said Heather Conley, a Europe expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. She added that while the Ukraine crisis may “mute” some of Europe’s irritation with Obama, “it doesn’t solve it.”

In the Netherlands, Obama will join world leaders at the Nuclear Security Summit and head a hastily arranged meeting of the Group of Seven – the U.S., Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan.

The latter meeting will focus on boosting financial support for Ukraine’s fledgling government, while also serving as a symbol of the West’s efforts to isolate Moscow. Russia often joins the G-7 nations for Group of Eight meetings, including a summit Putin is supposed to host this summer. Those plans are now in doubt.

Russia is participating in the nuclear summit, but Putin will not attend. He’s sending Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to The Hague.

Obama’s focus on Ukraine will continue in Brussels, the headquarters for the EU and NATO. A later stop in Rome will feature a highly anticipated meeting with Pope Francis. Then it’s on to Saudi Arabia for a fence-mending visit with the important Gulf ally.

Initial punishments from the U.S. and EU did little stop Russia from annexing the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine. Western officials are now warily watching Russia build up its troop presence elsewhere along the former Soviet state’s border.

Russian officials say those troops are simply participating in military exercises. But Obama’s national security adviser, Susan Rice, said that given Russia’s “past practice and the gap between what they have said and what they have done, we are watching it with skepticism.”

The U.S. has warned that further Russian incursions could result in broader penalties targeting the Russian economy, including its robust energy sector. But administration officials acknowledge that American sanctions wouldn’t have the same kind of bite as European penalties, given Europe’s deeper economic ties with Russia.

That puts Obama in the position of seeking cooperation from the sometimes unwieldy EU, the 28-country bloc that has often bristled at what its leaders see as snubs by the American president.

The president has skipped over Brussels on all eight of his previous trips to Europe as president. He ended the practice of holding U.S-EU summits annually, preferring to hold meetings instead with individual European leaders. On the rare occasions when he has attended EU summits, the meetings have been brief and yielded little of consequence.

“They know the president can’t stand sitting in these meetings,” Conley said of EU leaders. “They got that message very clearly.”

The NSA spying disclosures have strained Obama’s relations with Europe, particularly with Merkel, the leader with whom he had perhaps the closest relationship. Last year’s explosive leaks from NSA contractor Edward Snowden included a revelation that the U.S. was monitoring Merkel’s cellphone.

Former State Department official Jeremy Shapiro said that while anger over the NSA persists, Europe’s leaders are unlikely to get let that matter bleed into discussions over Ukraine.

“Ukraine is too serious an issue for them.” said Shapiro, now a fellow at the Brookings Institution. “Russia is too serious an issue for them. And the need to work with the United States is too serious an issue to complicate it with this type of thing.”

The crisis in Ukraine seems likely to overshadow what had been expected to be the most-attention grabbling stops of Obama’s trip – meetings with Pope Francis at the Vatican and Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah in Riyadh.

Obama has praised the new pontiff and sees a connection with Francis’ recent statements on income inequality, an issue the president is pushing at home.

Hot-button issues in the Middle East will dominate Obama’s stop in Saudi Arabia, his second visit to the kingdom as president. During meetings with the king, Obama will seek to alleviate the Gulf nation’s concerns over U.S. nuclear negotiations with Iran and the White House’s tepid role in quelling the Syrian civil war.


Associated Press writer Jim Kuhnhenn contributed to this report.


Follow Julie Pace at http://twitter.com/jpaceDC

The Last Guy With A Perfect Bracket Blew His Chance To Win $1 Billion

Brad Binder says it only took him about five minutes to fill out his bracket for the 2014 NCAA Tournament. He may spend a lifetime regretting not taking an extra few seconds to sign up for the $1 billion perfect bracket challenge dreamed up by Warren Buffet.

After a predictably unpredictable Round of 64 busted all of the brackets in the Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket challenge at Yahoo Sports as well as those filled out in ESPN’s Tournament Challenge and at CBSSports.com by Friday night, “Brad’s Breathtaking Bracket” remained flawless. Unfortunately, the 23-year-old who submitted it in the regular Yahoo Sports’ Tourney Pick’em pool did not enter the contest with the biggest prize.

Binder hails from Buffalo Grove, Ill., according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The Twitter account Yahoo Sports identifies as belonging to him (@Brad_Binder_) tweeted at Buffet after it looked like his “Breathtaking” bracket was the last one standing.

IF my bracket is perfect…IF…., I WILL be getting SOMETHING….right @WarrenBuffett ?

— Brad Binder (@Brad_Binder_) March 22, 2014

With his prescient picks and potentially costly omission garnering him plenty of attention on Twitter, Binder was interviewed about his bracket on “SportsCenter” on Saturday.

“My strategy isn’t that extensive, I just kind of went with my gut,” Binder told ESPN. “I just kind of filled them out in five minutes tops, I would say.”

CLICK HERE to check out “Brad’s Breathtaking Bracket”

Upset wins by No. 11 Dayton and No. 13 Mercer eliminated 99% of all brackets entered in the big money competition, according to a press release from Quicken Loans on Friday evening. The bracket taking everyone’s breath away had both underdogs winning their opening games.

When asked about his rationale for picking No. 14 Mercer to upset No. 3 Duke, Binder showed off his basketball knowledge but also mentioned a personal grudge connected to high school hoops in Chicago.

“I just love the experience of the Mercer players. I just think they had five starting seniors that have been playing together for a while. They’ve just got that chemistry and they play together. Also, nothing against Jabari Parker, he’s obviously a phenomenal player but I have a bone to pick with him and Simeon because they beat my alma mater Stevenson in last year’s finals.”

Even with his 32-32 start, Binder will still need to have picked 31 games correctly from the Round of 32 through the national championship to achieve perfection. His Final Four includes No. 1 Florida, No. 4 Michigan State, No. 2 Michigan and No. 7 Oregon. His bracket has Michigan State defeating Michigan in a battle of intra-state rivals for the national title. As the teams still in contention play their way toward AT&T Stadium in Texas for the Final Four, Binder is hoping Buffet will let him retroactively enter the $1 billion contest.

“Never in a million years would I think I would be in this position and on ESPN and talking to you guys,” Binder said on Saturday. “But, honestly, I was about to leave for work and I was in a rush. I filled it out and that was kind of it. I didn’t even really think about it. However, if I can reach out to Mr. Buffet, if he would consider grandfathering me in to be eligible and if he could make an exception, that would mean a lot to me and give everyone a perfect bracket to root for.”

On the bright side, Quicken Loans does not have any of Binder’s personal information.

You didn’t win $1 billion, but Quicken Loans comes away with your name, address, birthdate and mortgage rate #RealWinner

— darren rovell (@darrenrovell) March 22, 2014

UPDATE 3/22 9:40 p.m. ET: There will be no regrets for Brad Binder after his bracket was busted by No. 11 Dayton. The Flyers upset No. 3 Syracuse in a third-round game, 55-53. Binder had picked Syracuse to win that game and advance to the Sweet 16. He would now be out of the running for the grand prize even if he had entered the $1 billion contest.

And that was the closest I’ve ever come to not winning a billion dollars

— Brad Binder (@Brad_Binder_) March 23, 2014

Need Money For Your Startup? Being An Attractive Male May Help

When men and women pitch the same business idea to venture capitalists, men are awarded money more often. A new study found that appearance also factors into whether or not an idea will get funded.

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NSA Hacked Chinese Telecom Giant’s Servers: Report

BERLIN (AP) — U.S. intelligence agencies hacked into the email servers of Chinese tech giant Huawei five years ago, around the time concerns were growing in Washington that the telecommunications equipment manufacturer was a threat to U.S. national security, two newspapers reported Saturday.

The National Security Agency began targeting Huawei in early 2009 and quickly succeeded in gaining access to the company’s client lists and email archive, German weekly Der Spiegel reported, citing secret U.S. intelligence documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. The New York Times also published a report Saturday about the documents. Huawei objects to activities that threaten network security, said William B. Plummer, the company’s vice president of external affairs.

“Huawei has declared its willingness to work with governments, industry stakeholders and customers in an open and transparent manner, to jointly address the global challenges of network security and data integrity,” Plummer said in an email. “The information presented in Der Spiegel and the New York Times article reaffirms the need for all companies to be vigilant at all times.”

Among the people whose emails the NSA was able to read were Huawei president Ren Zhengfei, Der Spiegel said.

The operation, which Der Spiegel claims was coordinated with the CIA, FBI and White House officials, also netted source codes for Huawei products. One aim was to exploit the fact that Huawei equipment is widely used to route voice and data traffic around the world, according to the report. But the NSA was also concerned that the Chinese government itself might use Huawei’s presence in foreign networks for espionage purposes, it said.

In 2012, the House Intelligence Committee recommended that Huawei be barred from doing business in the U.S., citing the threat that its equipment could enable Chinese intelligence services to tamper with American communications networks.

In January, the company rejected a previous Der Spiegel report claiming that its equipment was vulnerable to hacking. The magazine had reported that the NSA was able to install secret “back doors” in telecoms equipment made by Huawei and other companies.

Der Spiegel’s latest report claims the NSA also targeted top Chinese officials, such as former President Hu Jintao, as well as ministries and banks.

MLB at Bat for Windows Phone adds push notifications and pitch tracking

Opening day is here! …sort of. This year’s quest for a World Series ring kicks off Down Under today, with the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks squaring off at the Sydney Cricket Ground (yes, they’re still playing baseball). Of course, everyone else is…

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